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Carole Anne’s mobile: 216-905-2474 or

Who We Are:

We are a smoke-free, relatively quiet, and tidy married couple, ages 62 (Clair) and 68 (Carole Anne) with quite a variety of practical and professional skills.  We moved to the capital city of Australia from northern Indiana in June 2008, primarily so Carole Anne could have more frequent opportunities to visit her sister and husband who live near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and because of Clair’s job in Canberra.  While in Australia we did housesitting for seven years in over 40 different neighborhoods in Canberra, with some repeats among a growing band of happy home owners and animal lovers.  This enabled us to live on one income in a very expensive city and still be able to travel back and forth to America every 12 to 18 months.  In 2015 we relocated back to America to be closer to other family members, especially Clair’s three young grandchildren.

Clair is a career professional health care chaplain (for the past 21 years) and served from June 2008  to May 2015 as the Manager of the Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Dept at Canberra Hospital and Health Services. He is  now a chaplain with Hospice of Cincinnati (Ohio.)

Carole Anne is a retired realtor. Our children are all grown up and on their own with their own families in America — we have seven grandchildren between us.

We are open to doing more Housesitting while taking periodic vacations for a week or two in other countries (e.g. Costa Rica) or spending time near family members in the United States for short stints (e.g. a few days from time to time in the Chicago/Deerfield area) or in other great areas such as Albuquerque NM.  Contact us anytime to explore possibilities.

Links To More Background Information & References:

Click here for Clair’s professional vitae and credentials

Click here for more photos of Clair and Carole Anne! 

Click here for a list of references from some of our previous home/pet owners

Watch this orientation clip on YouTube if this will be your first time utilising housesitters

What We Offer You:

●   We keep your home looking very tidy but ‘lived in’:  You will have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure while you’re away.

●   Pets get great care:  Your pet(s) will be fed the way you like it, walked regularly, massaged (if they like it) and taken to the vet if necessary.  We believe that general pampering of the pets are important during the time their owners are away. Most importantly, your pet(s) get to stay at home where it’s most comfortable.  Plus we save owners a lot on kennel and cattery fees(probably over $1,000 for a six-week holiday!)   We have cared for various breeds of dogs such as Maltese, Maltese blends, Miniature Pinzers, Jack Russel Terrier, Shih Tzu, Border Collie, Chow, Silkie, Boston Terriers, etc; aa number of different breeds of cats such as Burmese, Calico and Persian –  and mixed – both indoor and outdoor, plus a variety of fish and turtles!

●  We properly maintain your home and environment:  Your mail will be collected, messages taken and forwarded if you prefer, and your gardens watered and lawn mowed. As former home and apartment owners in the USA, we are quite adept in dealing with any necessary maintenance tasks.  Be assured that your home will be very clean and tidy when you return.

●   Homeowners usually cover normal utilities and other bills.  Our services are in exchange for our accommodation.  We cover our own phone expenses.  A win-win situation for all concerned.

Where We’ve Been Housesitting All This Time:

We have enjoyed the opportunity to experience living in many different neighbourhoods and suburbs in the Canberra region.  Our first house-caring assignment was in Bruce (ACT) for several months for a retired university professor and his wife traveling throughout Europe who invited us before we even arrived so we had time to look for a place to rent.  That happened to lead into a second assignment for a couple from the suburb of Macquarie — and the idea that we could simply keep doing this!  It all unfolded naturally.  We’ve carried out a string of house sits scattered around Canberra suburbs such as Griffith, Red Hill, Isabella Plains, Deakin, Holder, Belconnen, and Campbell – followed by a two-month repeat assignment back in Griffith ACT.

We’ve interspersed our own travel each year for four or five weeks in Europe and America.  Carole Anne landed a house-sit once in Noosa for 6 weeks just a few blocks from where her sister lives. We’ve also arranged some short housecaring stints during our own holiday times in Australian places such as Maloolaba Queensland.

In the last couple of years we have taken care of homes and pets in Farrer (two different homes), Holt, Queanbeyan (two different homes), Harrison, Calwell, Garran (two different homes), Torrens, Hughes, Chifley, Duffy, two different places in Narrabundah, Theodore, two additional winters in the Griffith home; and most recently in Macarthur, Chapman, Curtin, Kambah, Aranda, Gowrie, Watson, Monash, Chifley, Lyons.

In June-July 2015 we did a housesit with two wonderful dogs in Naperville, Illinois, near Clair’s daughter’s family.

We are happy to visit & explore possibilities with anyone needing what we deliver: “Peace of Mind at Home!”

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